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'Asian Twitter Ranking' is an application that introduces the user to performers and other famous celebrities via a ranking format, with a main focus on Asian celebrities. Please use it as a useful tool for searching for and checking the popularity of your favorite celebrities.

Asian Celebrity TwitterIn order to maintain the quality of the materials used to introduce the performers and celebrities in this application, we satisfy the following conditions.
- The celebrity is well-known
(As a main criterion for determining this, Wikipedia is used.)
- Content must be written by the celebrity himself or herself
- The celebrity's content is not for advertisement purposes
- The celebrity maintains regular updates without long periods of absence

There are some cases where the above criteria is not met but the celebrity is approved and included in the rankings based on a decision by the management team.
Please be advised that there are also conditions where, conversely, the above criteria is met but the management team has decided not to include the celebrity.

--- General Disclaimer ---
- This application has no relationship with Twitter, Inc.
Asian Celebrity Twitter- Information from celebrities is posted regardless of the validity of its contents. Please use discretion when reading material posted. (*In the event that a celebrity continues to share large volumes of false information, it will be deleted)
- We ask that users exercise discretion when using information obtained via this application.
- Please pardon the fact that we are unable to maintain responsibility for all published information in this application.

--- About Ranking, Popularity Rating ---
- In Asian Twitter Ranking, we determine the Popularity Rating and ranking based on how many clicks a celebrity's name gets inside the Asian Twitter Ranking PC site.
- Please acknowledge that the ranking and Popularity Rating is something based on usage of the PC site alone, and not something which is measured by all Internet access to the ranking data. Please also acknowledge that there are times when the numerical value of ranking or Popularity Rating is adjusted without notice. Furthermore, the Popularity Rating is reset once per month.

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